Corion Platform Easiest Access to the Crypto World

Capital Optimized Reward Incentive Online Network is a multifunctional Platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralised network, based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, and a stable means of payment.

Stable price digital currency With built-in inflation and deflation protection, CORION stays stable, protecting users and ensuring the Platform’s bright future. CORION’s stability allows businesses to be built on the Platform and thrive, and products and services to be distributed without boundaries. Multifunctional Wallet As the main interface of the Platform, the wallet allows you to keep track of your Coins and make transactions. The wallet is a unique payment gateway, facilitating the massive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency usage. With the seamless interface you can watch your coins grow day by day. Built-In P2P Exchange The peer-to-peer exchange is smart contract-based, and secure, so no fraud or theft is possible. It operates functions without intermediary 3rd parties, allowing the participants to transact directly with each other. Exchange starts with ETC/COR pair and carried on with the development of the decentralized exchange platform to be able to use CORION Platform with FIAT money and the most widespread cryptocurrencies. CORION Premium CORION Premium owners are like “shareholders” in the promising ventures on CORION Ecosystem. CORION Premium is listable and tradable on the exchange. ICO participants will receive CORION Premium as an extra bonus for each 5000 CORION purchased. Premium will become a highly sought-after item, as CORION Platform grows. Boost your Coin release Cast your vote every 3 hours whether CORION is below or above one USD on the most frequented exchanges, indicating the demand for it. On sending the right answer, you will get some extra tokens. See your tokens naturally grow as the Platform grows. This "gamification" process helps mainstream adoption of CORION and is an enjoyable way for owners to watch their portfolio grow. This growth plays a big role in stabilizing the CORION token and ecosystem. Marketplace Brings customers, entrepreneurs and financial Service Providers to one place, acting as a digital mirror of the real world trading platforms. The marketplace provides a platform for business either within a local community or across the globe. Service Providers on CORION Platform will be able to find valuable customers here, including unbanked people.

Miklós Denkler

FinTech & sales expert

Attila Dancs

Blockchain business expert

Andor "iFA" Rajci

CORION Core developer

Zsombor Deics


Dániel Nagy A.

Technical Advisor & Ethereum Core Developer

Gábor Gajdos

Wallet & Front end developer

Zoltán Bor

Cryptocoin expert

Zsolt Kukorelly Dr.

Algorythm advisor

Gábor Csizmazia Dr.

Marketing automation

Ida Froyda

Communications and marketing

András Lőwy

Social media & analytics

Krisztián Száraz

SEO Expert

Pál Kukorelly Dr.

Fiscal advisor

Sommer Sherwood

Corion Ambassador

Arogundade Sammy

Ambassador for Africa

Rupert Várnai

Asian business expert

Ádám Zebegnyei

Legal advisor

Mike Costache

Chief Advisor

Endre Jobbágy

Payment gateway advisor

Michael Terpin

PR Advisor CEO at Transform Group & Chairman at BitAngels

Máté Tokay

Crypto strategist

Zsolt Németh

Security advisor

Jeff Burton

Serial Entrepreneur

  1. 2015-2016
    Market research platform plan

  2. 2017 Q1
    Development: 9 Smart Contracts

  3. 2017 Q2
    Development: CORION Wallet

  4. June 18
    ICO Start

  5. July 30
    ICO End

  6. 2017 Q4
    Expanding Wallet services

  7. 2018
    Switching to own blockchain