SunContract Decentralized energy market platform

SunContract is an energy trading platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new business model for buying and selling electricity. If you believe that blockchain technology can solve many of today's problems and that we are the team to take it to the energy sector, you are welcome to contribute.

SunContract's business model joins together the best features of blockchain technology and renewable energy to create entirely new services that will revolutionize the existing market. A decentralized energy market on the blockchain is just the first step of transforming energy distribution grid services in the future and will be followed by grid-flow optimization services, demand response services etc. THE 5T TRUST | TRANSPARENCY | TRACEABILITY | TIME STAMP | TRANSACTION THE 5D DIGITALIZATION | DECARBONIZATION | DEREGULATION | DECENTRALIZATION | DEMOCRATIZATION How it works The SunContract is a platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy pool based on smart contracts. The blockchain takes over the role of the middle man as a trusted technology infrastructure. Blockchain technologies could be implemented into existing energy distribution systems without previously changing the general energy regulation framework. We are already developing a pilot project for use on a national level. Currently, we are developing an API for collecting electrical meter data from energy producers, consumers and prosumers in order for it to be written into the blockchain. The pilot project will be completed in a few months. Vision The SunContract's vision is to support the global self-sufficient energy community based on renewable energy by digitalization of electricity. With SNC tokens, one can buy electricity through the SunContract Energy Pool. Token economics At the token sale, we will issue SNC Ethereum based (ERC20) tokens. By specifying the amount of supply, we create a closed ecosystem with a finite number of tokens. A growing number of customers will increase the number of transactions, thus increasing the demand for SNC tokens. We expect a positive correlation between the SNC market value and the size of the SunContract network implying the economic laws of supply and demand. Opportunity The energy sector is a multi-trillion $ market. Our focus will be to constantly increase the demand for SNC tokens by increasing the trading volume inside the SunContract Energy Pool. Cutting out the retailers and diminishing the dependence on distribution service operators will contribute to the competiveness of electricity prices, which will make SunContract more attractive for customers. The volume of electricity traded in the SunContract Energy Pool will increase also by utilizing energy storage. It is an opportunity with the potential to reward all participants; the consumer is rewarded with lower costs and cleaner energy, while producers are rewarded with better compensation for the electricity they produce. TokenSale details The contribution period will begin on June 28th and will last 4 weeks until July 25th. The Tokensale participants can contribute by sending Ether to the designated address. By doing so, contributors create SNC tokens at the following rates:

  • First week (from June 28th to July 4th) 11.500 SNC per ETH;
  • Second week (from July 5th to July 11th) 11.000 SNC per ETH;
  • Third week (from July 12th to July 18th) 10.500 SNC per ETH;
  • Fourth week (from July 19th to July 25th) 10.000 SNC per ETH;

Jonathan Galea

Blockchain Legal Advice

Milan Gabor

Information Security

Tomaz Lajovic

Energy Legal Advice

Dr Jesus Nieto Martin

Energy Market Advice

Leo Lu

Solar Market Advice

Tomislav Mucic

Blockchain Consultant

Gregor Karlovsek MBA

Blockchain Energy Advice

Sebastjan Stucl

Blockchain Business Advice

PhD Matjaz B. Juric

Full Professor at University of Ljubljana

MSc Gregor Novak

Co-founder, CEO

Mojca Bajec

Co-founder, CFO

Martina Gabor


Mitja Blatnik

Project Manager

Andraz Verdev

Blockchain Ecosystem

PhD Klemen Stopar

Energy Ecosystem

PhD Ales Kroflic

Numerical Analysis

Luka Pusic

Information Security

Jernej Blaj

SunContract Middle East

YingDong Xu

SunContract China

PhD Ales Frece

Software Engineer

Rok Gornik

Community Manager

Katja Ogrin

SunContract Massachusetts

  1. 0 - 5K ETH
    P2P Trading Platform

  2. 5K - 10K ETH
    Implementing the P2P Platform on a national level

  3. 10K - 25K ETH
    Commercializing the P2P Platform on an international level

  4. 25K - 40K ETH
    Flexibility market and demand response services

  5. 40K - 60K ETH
    Increasing the trading volume of P2P Platform with renewables and energy storage